Hosted Business Intelligence


The Hosted Business Intelligence solution is provided as a WordPress web site hosted under a domain of your choice.

once setup, you will be able to access the web site as administrator and create all the dynamic charts, tables and pages that best meet your requirements and needs.

The WPBI Business Intelligence plugin will already been installed and you will only need to configure connections and queries before being able to see your dynamic charts.

Of course we’re ready to provide all the support you need to have your gear up and running in a matter of minutes!

Hosted Business Intelligence

WordPress is a powerful Content Management System that helps people with no or very little web development skills creating a professional web site with the same effort as writing a Word document or a Power Point presentation.

A huge development community is continuously creating extensions that provide any sort of feature you can imagine. From users management to powerful web forms, from portfolios and documents management to media galleries any kind of features you can think of is covered.

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