Managed Business Intelligence

Managed BI

We take care of your BI online
  • A WordPress web site instance under a domain of your choice
  • 3 dynamic data visualization pages with the data you will send us
  • 1 additional page per week up to a total of 6
  • 1 update of existing pages per week.
  • 48 hours max response time for any support enquiry
  • The possibility to customize the look and feel by yourself or with our support (hourly fees apply)
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The Managed Business Intelligence solution is rather close to the Hosted plan with the exception that the web platform is entirely managed by us and you only have to send us your data before being able to see and manipulate them on the web.

This service is provided is provided in the form of a WordPress web site hosted under a domain of your choice.

once setup, you will only have to send us your data in compliance with our specifications and you will be able to instantly access them on the web in the form of the dynamic charts, tables and pages that best meet your requirements and needs.

WordPress is a powerful Content Management System with a huge development community that is continuously creating extensions that provide any sort of feature you can imagine. From users management to powerful web forms, from portfolios and documents management to media galleries any kind of features you can think of is covered.

Once the basic web site will be in place, we will be available to work with you to best match your company or brand color scheme.

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