Who We Are

With more than 30 years of experience in business analysis, strategic consulting and technology, the team of people behind WP Business Intelligence provides the best mix of competences to help you in organizing and displaying your data. Really understanding the reality which is represented by the huge amount of data that is available today, can give you and your activity a competitive advantage over your competitors or can help you in squeezing better performances out of your existing infrastructure.

Business Intelligence Consulting

The experience and technology developed by the WP Business Intelligence team come from years of hard work on the field with businesses of any sorts, from retail to technology, from banking and finance to public administration and education.

Custom Business Intelligence

Our products range from our flagship WordPress Business Intelligence plugin to dedicated custom solutions of business analysis and data representation. We also provide hosted services for your charts in case you want to outsource the technical infrastructure to manage and display your data or, as an alternative, managed services where you just send us your data and we provide you with a user-friendly web interface to have access to them.
Have a look at our products and services in order to find the best answers to your current Business Intelligence needs. And of course, in case of any additional questions feel free to contact us!