Dynamic Charts and Dashboards

Embed charts like this in your web site without writing a single line of code!


Add Business Intelligence To Your Web Site

WPBI Enterprise is the most powerful plugin to embed dynamic charts and dashboards in your WordPress site.

You do not have WordPress but still need a Business Intelligence solution for your data? We can help with customized solution of advanced datavisualization.

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Connectivity To All The Major Databases

Fetch your data directly from the DB and display it on your site.

At every page refresh you will get the most recent data to get a better understanding of what’s happening right now.

WPBI Enterprise currently supports connectivity to MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL and PostgreSQL

A Closer Look

Your Numbers, Differently.

Advanced analytics gets you quickly beyond the ‘what’, to the ‘why’ and the ‘how’. If you spend too much time arguing about what has happened, you might never get to why it happened and to how to address the issue.


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WordPress Plugin Core Features

charts with live database connection

Live DB connection

Fetch your data from the database and visualize them in your web site so that the latest data are displayed at each page refresh. WPBI Enterprise supports MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL and PostgreSQL

Dynamic web charts

Dynamic charts

Some charts have several visualization modes that can be toggled with a click. Filter only the dataset you need by clicking on the legend. In case of specific needs we can discuss to implement dedicated features.

Interactive Web Dashboards

Interactive Dashboards

Build yourself the dashboard that best fits your needs by putting together the most appropriate charts among the several chart types we provide. All charts will be interconnected and will automatically update when the data is filtered by the user’s action.

What our customers are saying


“We are going to build more than 1000 charts with WPBI!”

Filippos, AssetMacro

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“Adding charts to my site was so easy that I was able to do much more than expected. And all my reports look way more professional now!”
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“WPBI let us quickly build some of the amazing visualizations we provide for our customers. Since it’s open source, with some coding and extensions we were able to add advanced analytics as well.”
Fabio, Logeeka
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“All my internal reporting today is performed using WPBI. The old days of spreadsheets are over.”
Peter, 1ClickDeal
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Build Powerful Dashboards


charts and dashboards

Who We Are

With more than 30 years of experience in business analysis, strategic consulting and technology, the team of people behind WP Business Intelligence provides the best mix of competences to help you in organizing and displaying your data.

Products & Services

From the packaged WPBI WordPress plugin ready to be used in your web site to custom advanced BI solutions, we’re ready to assist you in getting the most out of your numbers.

Open Source

We entirely rely on open source components to realize our data visualization projects. This ensure that you will never rely on single-vendor closed-source software.You will always own the source code of your charts and dashboards.

web charts


Adding charts to your website has never been so easy.

The WPBI WordPress plugin helps you in easly embedding powerful dynamic charts and dashboards in your WordPress web site with a few clicks.

If you need more advanced visualizations we can help you with our customized advanced analytics solutions.

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Basic Charts

Advanced Charts

Supported Databases

Charts Types for Dashboards


Free full functioning with 4 charts
  • Connectivity to the WP database only
  • Live connection to the DB
  • Retrieve data with SQL queries
  • Parametric queries with WP variables
  • Customize colors and labels
  • 4 chart types
  • Javascript only, no flash
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Single domain and MySQL only
  • All you have in Lite plus
  • Unlimited DBs (MySQL)
  • 11 basic charts
  • Query parameters via URL
  • 1 year of support (48h response time)
  • Single domain license
  • Unlimited developers
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Custom BI Solutions

In case the charts, tables and dashboards provided by WPBI Enterprise do not exactly match your needs, we can provide custom solutions for your data visualization and analytics needs. Contact us to learn more!

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Web Charts

Third Party Solutions

We can also support you in the adoption, integration and deployment of third party software and solutions such as Tableau, Microsoft Pivot and Pandas. Open source packages such as d3.js, crossfilter.js, leaflet.js can also be part of the proposed solution.

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Geo Mapping Charts

Geo Mapping

Nowadays some of the most popular advanced data visualizations involve the integration of geographical information by means of interactive maps. Have a look at some examples of how such solutions can look like.


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