WP Business Intelligence Enterprise

WordPress Business Intelligence Enterprise is a powerful plugin that will turn your WordPress site into a powerful business intelligence tool.To start displaying dynamic charts, tables and dashboard on your site you don’t need any development skills except some knowledge of SQL to retrieve the desired data from your Database.Once the appropriate SQL query has been configured in the plugin panel, then the simple GUI will guide you in the process of selecting the most appropriate visualization for your data.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Basic Charts

The first set of available charts includes typical charts for Business Intelligence such as Pie, Line, Bar, Stacked Area (on the left) and all the other most popular visualizations. Just retrieve the data from the DB with the appropriate SQL query and each page refresh will display the most up to date data.

Database connectivity

Unlimited database connections to MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL

web charts from oracle

Parametric Queries

Use WordPress variables such as UserID, PageID, etc. in your queries to make them dependent on runtime variables.


select * from wp_posts where post_author = {{{user_ID}}}


Unlimited dashboards with 8 chart types to display the same data in different ways.
Dashboards can be created by selecting different chart types that represent data using different visualizations. This allows highly efficient exploration on large multi-dimensional datasets. When data are filtered on one given chart, all the charts composing the dashboard are simultaneously updated accordingly. See our demo to learn more.