You know that you can build a WordPress website using PostgreSQL instead of MySQL/MariaDB, but we get asked all of the time about the possiblity of connecting WordPress to an external secondary PostgreSQL database. We have dug around to find all of the WordPress plugins capable of using an external PostgreSQL database and listed them below along with what function they offer.

1. WP Business Intelligence

Oh hey that’s us! Did you know you can connect your WP Business Intelligence plugin to an external PostgreSQL database and display the data live on your WordPress powered website? Use the database you already have and build gorgeous charts and graphs for business intelligence dashboards, your blog posts, or your pages. After you connect your PostgreSQL database to our plugin you can create SQL queries to pull the data and then use those queries to build various charts and graphs. Once you have the charts and graphs created just copy and past the shortcode into any page or post on your site.

Function: Add charts and graphs

Check out our Demo charts here:

wp business intelligence screenshot

2. External Login

This plugin is designed to replace the stock login system of WordPress and instead to use login details from a secondary external database. If you have already built a webapp that uses PostgreSQL and you are wanting to build a WordPress website that those users can login to, this is the solution you want to use. While this plugin replaces the functionalty of the WordPress login system, it does not erase user data from the db which means users can login to the WordPress website and use it the exact same way.

Download the plugin here:

external login wordpress plugin screenshot

Do you know of a WordPress plugin that allows access to a secondary PostgreSQL database we should include on this list? Head over to our contact page and let us know about it!